10 Errors you should avoid in non-verbal communication with your partner

You have already read or seen some video about what is communication or non-verbal language. You will know the importance that our posture or gestures have for our relationships when someone is telling us something important. Learn more with our blog and welcome to our omegle video chat.

In this article I come to talk about the mistakes that you should avoid in that non-verbal language when it comes to communicating with your partner. Why? Because most of the anger in a relationship comes from poor non-verbal communication and a healthy partner is the basis of all happiness. Hence the importance of learning how to use your body effectively in a communication.

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To have effective nonverbal communication with your partner you must avoid these common mistakes:

  • Lack of attention: Avoid a conversation with your partner while driving the car, are cooking or doing some task where you cannot give your full attention.
  • Absence of assertive gestures: Looking into the eyes is essential and nodding tells you that you care, that you are following the thread of the conversation.
  • Empathize: Do not interrupt in a moment of difficult emotional expression, have patience and let it flow.
  • Fluency: Let him talk and finish expressing what concerns him before giving his opinion. What you think is not so important at the time, and also can wait.
  • Judge: Avoid giving advice or judging what you say until you first ask what you think about it.
  • Posture: Your body posture should be directed toward your partner, not on your side or your back.
  • Concentration: Concentrate on what you are saying, avoid distracting yourself with other things. Remember that your partner is the most important.
  • Urgency: if it is not urgent look for the moment, if it is urgent leave what you are doing and give it a moment.
  • The Moment: If you cannot give him your full attention, inform him by postponing the appointment, and look for a moment of the day where you are comfortable and nothing can interrupt.
  • Do not procrastinate: Do not let it go more than a day without hearing what you have to say. Remember that it is important for the other person to feel understood.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of non-verbal communication with your partner

The advantage we have in our relationship to a communication with someone we do not know is that we know what our partner likes and does not like. It is about learning and adapting to your way of seeing things so that our gestures are interpreted correctly. The disadvantage is that over several years accumulate bad memories or badly closed conflicts that can make us have a defensive posture at certain times. This is something to polish, forget, and overcome, for example, expressing how we feel instead of generating an offensive and accusatory argument towards the other person.