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Jealousy - secrets and traps

Jealousy is one of the worst suffering and strongest feeling of love at the same time, and we are often ashamed because of it, because it conceals


How Stress Affects Our Sexual Life

We all know that stress is harmful.


How men react on rejection in the closeness?

We used to think that men are less sensitive and sex for them is only the discharge, therefore refusal they experience easier than women.


About love (from a man’s view)

"When I was approached too closely, I used protection techniques. Step back, keep distance, dodging... But then I fell in love.


9 phrases that men are definitely don’t like to hear

The insidiousness of these phrases is that they do not sound rude or insulting from woman’s view.


The dangerous first love

Our blog warns romantic girls that first love is a perishable product and even toxic.