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What men actually want from a relationship?

Tabloids, various TV shows, social networks endlessly replicate all sorts of myths about love and about the relationship of man and woman.


The secret to a successful relationship – how to quarrel

When you and your partner are in a good mood, it is easy to get along with each other. Another thing is a quarrel.


How to survive after break up

When we are going through difficult times, we ask for the help of music, books, and favorite movies.


How to break the script relationships that make us suffer?

Stories vary, but the essence remains the same - the hero or heroine of the next novel not make our lives any happier or more stable, but are force


6 pitfalls that threat your marriage

The root of any family problems is considered to be communication problems between husband and wife.


Porn movies for strong relationship. Part two

For some couples joint watching of porn can be a way to find harmony in sex. For example, someone might be embarrassed to share their fantasies.

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