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The dangerous first love

Our blog warns romantic girls that first love is a perishable product and even toxic.


Proven ways to have fun during sex, part II

Second part of our little research about sex; stay online with omegle video chat blog.


Tactical maneuvers: how to behave in embarrassing situations

Should I tell or say nothing? This question from time to time is given by all who have the mind and senses.


Proven ways to have fun during sex

You have a right to good sex. For a great sex, the magical sex. Five women were told that it was meant for them it is an obvious statement.

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From child to the man: how to make him grow

Your man buys comics, collecting stamps and toy soldiers, goes fishing, lied that he went on a business trip – we will explain how to turn a man in


What men actually want from a relationship?

Tabloids, various TV shows, social networks endlessly replicate all sorts of myths about love and about the relationship of man and woman.