Chat Rulles

It is important to show disrespect to the third party:

  • To behave in a and use profanity;
  • Insult by national, gender and religious grounds;
  • Threatening people.

We are not tolerated to behave vulgar:

  • Chatting with bare boobs, without showing the face;
  • Using of words that may be offensive sexual innuendo (Wirth, fool around, etc.);
  • chatting naked or in the underwear;
  • Aim the webcam below the chest (try to keep your face in the frame);
  • Take any behavior that could be construed as obscene.

It is forbidden to show you outsiders instead of images:

  • Aim the webcam at the monitor, tablet, phone or television;
  • Aim the webcam at the pictures;
  • Aim the webcam at any text messages;
  • Emulators use a webcam.

Prohibited spam:

  • Broadcast pictures or write messages of advertising character;
  • Chatting send any references;
  • To carry out a mass mailing of messages;
  • Ask visitors to chat to perform actions on the Internet: vote, Like, take a survey, go to the site, etc.