9 phrases that men are definitely don’t like to hear

The insidiousness of these phrases is that they do not sound rude or insulting from woman’s view. Well, what's wrong with the words, like "Well, she will do better," or "Be a man!"? They encroach on men’s self-esteem. If you told them once, try to make an effort and do not repeat them again. Because of this situation our family therapists learned from its customers that it is the worst that you can hear from your woman. Keep eye on our blog and join our omegle random chat.

1. "All right, I’ll better do it myself"

Advice from a professional: if you asked him to fix the tap, or just asked to call the person who will repair the crane, - give him the opportunity to do it himself. "Even if the partner forgot to do this a few times, there are chances that he genuinely wants to help you - said Anne Crowley, a family psychologist in Austin. - Let him save his face, do not say: "Well, it is better do it myself." This is a terrible phrase. For a man, it means that you do not think that he is able to do something, and you do not need it. "

2. "You could have guessed ..."

These hurtful words will not become as a signal to act for him, because the thing that you need is almost impossible. Men are bad readers between the lines and they will not build any speculates, just tell what you want from him directly "You will save a lot of time and nerves for themselves, if you just put up with the fact that it is difficult for men to read between the lines and they are do not speculate - says Ryan Hoves, a clinical psychologist from Pasadena. - They are not able to do this, and you can’t retrain them. Just tell what you want from him"

3. "We need to talk"

There are no other words that are able to put so much fear in the man's heart as this harmless, at first glance, phrase. It is a harbinger of a serious discussion, complaints and criticism. You know what he will do? "He thinks that he is a loser, and will try to escape, - says Marcia Berger, a family therapist. - But this is the opposite of what you want - to sit down together and talk"

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4. "Be a man!"

Do not use those words if you are looking for benefits. This is a crude attack on his identity, questioning his masculinity and belonging to the tribe of the great hunters, defenders, builders and inventors.

5. "Clean up. I'm not your mother! "

Be creative and find a more subtle way to interest him to put things in they place or in the trash. Saying that he still needs his mother, you, without knowing it, you can get to the wrong point - to remind him how good it was when he lived with her.

6. "Are you going out with your friends, again?"

Do not look at it as a threat to your marriage, says Hoves. Of course, sometimes a hike with the friends on the football - it's just a euphemism for good booze, but for the majority of men meet with friends - is an outlet to talk on equal terms, to exchange views and boyish symbols of power and status. Such stag has bonuses for you. Sometimes, after listening to all the stories of his friends, your partner comes to the conclusion that he is a good husband. And this rich man's communication makes him miss your company.