About love (from a man’s view)

"When I was approached too closely, I used protection techniques. Step back, keep distance, dodging... But then I fell in love. And it turned out that this sport is not for wimps" Writer and blogger Danny Fleischer tell us why it is so difficult to give love and take it back. Keep eye on our blog and visit our sites like omegle.

1. Your feelings do not mean so much

Feelings - is the easy part of love. They can be beautiful, and bring you a lot of pleasant moments. But in reality, your feelings do not mean so much. What do you do - that's what matters. Every day: talk and listen and find a compromise, and forgive, and to look for a patience for all this, and run out of yogurt for her at midnight - that's what makes her believe that you love her and that your feelings are real.

2. Love doesn’t wins all

Sometimes time kills it… or, logistics or luggage, or fear that you want different things from life, or problems with the nerves or the money, or children, or lack of sex, or a good booze or attention from other men, or your debt. And none of these things by itself does not deny that great love, which is still at the center of all what between you.

3. Love does not accept hypotheses

You have all these ideas about who you are in this world and why you are here, but that's all - just an idea… as long as your relationship does not confirm or refute them. Only then you will know that who you are in reality and what you have to do in a particular situation, and sometimes it’s a hundred miles away from what you think about yourself. Sometimes you find yourself more kindly than you might have thought, sometimes weaker. Sometimes you are wondering about your own person, because you are acting better and stronger in this situation.  But sometimes you are wondering why you are so weak. You never know - until it happens.

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4. Go to bed angry

Sometimes there is a point of nothing good is going happen in future. You talked and argued and gave way. And then you do it again - and there is no progress. There is no option to make the day better. If you have not yet told the words, because of which you’ll be ashamed, you're already close to this point. Good sleep now is your only salvation. (But do not be an idiot and do not refuse to sleep in the same bed, going to a hard sofa in the living room with a rug. Just respect the invisible line between you on this delightfully cozy double bed.)

5. Laugh at all, especially at your own life

The best thing will be after quarrel and all the shit – it all transforms in a funny joke. Sometimes she defends not from me, but from her past. Suddenly, out of the blue, when I incorrectly loaded the dishwasher or brought "wrong" apples. What it looks like to her? I cannot know.

6. Forgive her, because you can

Wherever it’s possible

7. You both have to move in your own row

Do not consume each other, even if you really want to. Make sure that each of you keeps being himself, the person you like, that there is only one “you”. The best thing to do is to stay in the place where you know you will be able to continue to live without your partner, if it really happens. You'll be devastated and lost for a while, but your whole world will not collapse. Your partner will feel as soon as you push on it, if you’ll treat him like the biggest part of your world.