Can infidelity be forgiven?

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It can be difficult to forgive, especially if your partner has broken the most solemn of his vows. But surprisingly, infidelity is not always fatal to a relationship, and is that every couple is a world. With proper communication, therapy and the willingness to let go, many couples manage to go beyond it. Strange as it may seem, in some cases, the healing process can build a stronger relationship. Couples, who survive this tragedy, do so when the offender takes responsibility for their actions and deal openly with the pain and their partner's anger. Most people cannot imagine living with someone who has betrayed them this way, but the truth is that over time and a lot of hard work, the pain can become healed. In order to make this happen, the one who has been betrayed must accept that his partner made a big mistake and allow, if he does from the heart, to repent. The unfaithful couple has to realize that, for some time, their partner is going to throw all kinds of questions that they have to answer with the truth and in a kind and sensitive way. By the way, we’ve just update our random chat rooms!

This is part of the healing process, and will also help the transgressor to forgive him.

Through this process that many couples have carried out, and although infidelity cannot be forgotten, it can be forgiven. Infidelities occur because most couples enter into unconscious relationships of how to deal with their feelings, both within and outside their commitment. Some people give too little value to the depth of love and mistakenly think that "what they do not know will not hurt them." But the truth is that an infidelity will take energy away from the primary relationship and the couple will feel that has been left in the background.

However, forgiveness is not mandatory or necessary.

In cases where the transgressor does not apologize or assume responsibility for his actions, it is imperative that the one who has been betrayed carry on with his life, even if that means breaking the family and starting over. The logic here is that if the unfaithful couple cannot assume their guilt or understand why they chose to perform this action that does so much damage, chances are they will repeat it. Rebuilding the trust and intimacy that has been stolen after infidelity will never be easy, but it is doable. It starts with the will to leave the past behind and start over. If this has happened in your relationship, you must think before reacting to your hurt feelings to do them in the most appropriate way. Finding a therapist who has experience in this area can be of great help as well as do a little research on your own. A great book for those who are going through the pain of an infidelity is "After the Infidelity" by Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D. Remember that it is totally normal not to know what to do or how to feel. There is a way back, and although it is much less traveled, it is an invitation to a second chance to love and life.