How men react on rejection in the closeness?

We used to think that men are less sensitive and sex for them is only the discharge, therefore refusal they experience easier than women. As a matter of fact the stronger sex reacts to failure and how it affects the relationship, says family therapist Sarah Hunter Murray. Keep eye on our blog and visit our omegle chat.

How men react to the fact that women refusing them

You had a wonderful day, and now you want to see your beloved returned home quickly and you share the evening, which will end in the bedroom. You indulge in these experiences, placing glasses and candles on the table, and then the bell rings. Your partner does not share your playful plans and threshold reports about the monstrous day at work and nightmarish traffic jams. Almost one gulp drink proffered bottle of beer and falls on the sofa. All that he wants right now, this is theft and the TV remote. Sound familiar, isn’t it?

Most women interviewed by me said that when they offer intimacy and all they have is one short rejection, it hurts the ego. However, they tend to think that the same situation is not so acutely perceived by men. This misconception is rests on two stereotypes.

  • The first one: men need sex for a greater extent in order to feel good physically, but emotional connection is not so important for them. And if a man is rejected, he suffers less because everything he loses - is the possibility of immediate sexual satisfaction.
  • The second one – men is the initiator of sexual contact, and in this game always as a "forward". The woman appears as a «defender», and refusal – is OK for her. Thus, a man accustomed to the fact that his claim may be rejected.

Almost all of the men admitted that their self-confidence has always suffered when they are refused to closeness for various reasons. If you are looking for new emotions – try our camzap chat.

In fact, everything is in exactly opposite position. It's hard to get used to the fact that you are rejected. And as it happens with men they sometimes suffer more often. I conducted a survey of 30-60 years aged men, with the experience of long-term relationships or family life (over 14 years), and asked them about whether they had periods when the desire to partner decreased or completely disappeared. Almost all confessed to me that their libido and sometimes self-confidence has always suffered when they, for various reasons was refused.

That's what my respondents wrote:

"Whenever you propose to make love, and THE constant answer is "no", with plausible excuses, at first it is very upsetting, and then gradually leads to depression. You start to say to yourself: "There is something wrong between us, something went wrong, and maybe I am the one who deserves it." (Michael, 32 years old)

"If she does not want you, it means you are not interested in it. It touches something very important inside of you. I feel that she don’t want me. Maybe it is not the truth, but I feel like that" (Mark, 42 years old).