How Stress Affects Our Sexual Life

We all know that stress is harmful. Unfortunately, its negative impact is not limited to the psyche: it can be harmful to our bodies and on the physiological level. And of course, stress touches our libido. Keep eye on our blog and check out our omegle chat.

"Stress can exert a detrimental effect on the body. It causes significant health damage, "- warns MD, a specialist in women's health, Jennifer Weider. Chronic stress increases the risk of cancer and many other diseases by weakening the immune system.

Is this information is not enough to convince you of the importance of regular rest and relax? Then keep in mind that stress can greatly affect the quality of sexual life.

"Stress affects us on a physical and emotional level, it also affects our relationships with others," - explains psychotherapist and sexologist Rachael Needle from the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida. "The impact of stress on the libido is caused by nature. In stressful situations, the main task - to survive and not to multiply "- echoes a clinical psychologist Alicia Clark. Stress activates the functions of the body, which are critical to survival (e.g., accelerate blood circulation and heart rate), while suppressing secondary functions (including sexual). If you want to rest for a while – please visit our camzap live chat.

Chronic stress leads to increased production of the hormone cortisol, which lowers libido

Unfortunately, stress can disrupt sexual life on several levels, first of all - the hormonal. Chronic stress leads to increased production of the hormone cortisol, which reduces libido. For women, stress can disrupt the menstrual cycle, which is hardly conducive to the desired mood. Also regular anxiety can reduce the pleasure from sex, making it difficult to have an orgasm. Fatigue also impairs our lives. "Our main sexual organ - is the brain. If your brain is busy with very different concerns and during sex you are constantly distracted by extraneous thoughts, for you it will be more difficult to focus on your own initiate and pleasant sensations and orgasm, "- explains Rachel Needle. Stress can inhibit sexuality not only directly but also indirectly. According to Needle "hormones produced by the body because of stress influencing the metabolism, which may lead to a change in weight" As a result, we begin to experience dissatisfaction with ourselves, our body and the desire to have sex. "

Avoiding stress is impossible, but we can highlight its main sources and to consider how to minimize their impact

Chronic stress often triggers depression and anxiety disorders, which also negatively affect the ability to have fun. "Some people who experience chronic stress, complain that they do not happen the right mood for sex," - says Jennifer Weider. Moreover, under stress, we often drink more alcohol than at rest, which is also a bad effect on sexual function.