Why do not I have the couple I want?

How would you like to be your partner? Quiet difficult question, but we’ll try to sort it out with our blog. Stay online with omegle chat!

Each person is unique in their choices and each couple in general also decides what kind of couple wants to join. There is no cooking recipe about it but in what is known as "social desirability," everyone when they really intend to have a couple behaves truly kind. Social desirability makes us show our best face to the person we love and even we are very understanding and cooperative. In this universe nothing is loose, at the level of our brain in social desirability, also begins to produce a substance called phenylethylamine, is chemically a neurotransmitter, which makes us very cooperative and inhibits hunger. Not only do they mix psychological elements but some myths or false beliefs related to the couple, which by force of repetition becomes a reality that clouds relationships and end up becoming truth. They range from: life in common, sexuality, love, coexistence with children, and so on. There is no single loophole in our lives (money, love, caring for children, sexual relations, distribution of daily household chores, vacations, etc.) where myths are absent, and unfortunately our Their own ignorance strengthens them even more. Some examples of them: "If our love is true, the sex between us will always be wonderful", "I will be the best lover you have ever had", "Love in the couple can and forgives everything", " If I do not feel jealous in my relationship, I do not really love that person. "" Hardness is one of the most valuable masculine traits, "" Men do not cry."

The myth of the half orange

To truly find the average orange, is also a myth and brings consequences more negative than positive. On the one hand, finding half a half means that we are incomplete and we need someone else to be happy, that is, we are incomplete beings and it is the responsibility of the couple to meet our expectations, so it is the work of the other to complete us. On the other hand, if our partner is incomplete we will be responsible for making him happy. Adding efforts in this way are incomplete beings and the couple will end up making us even more incomplete. By the way, if you are looking for new meetings – try camzap.

We all have the couple we are looking for

This statement can be very categorical and terrible especially when it is emotionally expensive to be living with someone on the ground: sexual, psychological, social, economic, spiritual, family, and more. But life is one of choices and we often choose to complain constantly because we do not have the partner we have. In fact the problems in life have a very simple format. Think about those things that for you in the relationship are a problem? Now I guess, why do you have them? These are because "we do not want to lose what we have" or "we long for those things that we do not have."