Why do we sometimes complain about not having the couple we want?

Welcome to our blog and join omegle chat. We are going to talk about the origin of this void is related to:

  • The learning of our family of origin, the models learned in the family.
  • Our own affective deficiencies of personality.
  • In being incapable once we are in pair to think in couple dominating the egoism of one of the members.
  • By the way we explain things that happen in our life, blaming others for our choices (locus of external control) and hardly making us responsible for our decisions (locus of internal control).
  • Many times we are terribly afraid to take responsibility for ourselves.
  • We come to settle our expectations of happiness in the couple, when this is a purely personal work.
  • No person who feels dissatisfied with himself or herself may be able to live together as a couple because even offering favorable conditions will try to see the negative aspect of life.
  • Sometimes I feel the last Coca in the desert and I feel that nobody deserves me, that is, I feel superior to my partner and I feel that when I'm with him, I do the poor thing a favor.
  • The psychological, social or cultural patterns of beauty make crisis in the head make me question the convenience of being with my partner.
  • Occasionally from the beginning of the relationship I was not really convinced to be with my current partner, that is, I did not really have a partner commitment.
  • If we idealize the couple, by breaking those expectations we will truly suffer. The higher we fly, the more we fall.

Confrontation with the couple

The real couples, flesh and bone and lint in the navel, are people with virtues and defects, and if they exist. Meanwhile, ideal couples are of appearance, are people who try to hide their status as human beings, take refuge in appearance. If you are looking for something to relax – try camzap live chat.

Why do I see qualities in my partner that I really do not have?

  • Because I am unable to recognize that my partner is a human being like me with virtues and defects.
  • Because I'm afraid to face my loneliness.
  • Because I'm used to complaining most of the time (playing the role of victim).
  • Because inwardly I do not respect myself.
  • Because I have a very low self-esteem.
  • Because I do not know myself as a person inwardly.
  • Because I am not aware that happiness is an inner task. It is not a goal but a way, but I place my happiness in my partner.
  • Because we do not establish relationships of commitment.
  • Because I do not think anyone in this world could understand me.
  • Because I do not think there really is a couple that can be moderately well (projection) with me.
  • Because it always makes me normal to live in the litigation.
  • Because I do not build my own happiness.
  • Because it's better to know better than good to know.
  • Because I guess in sex no one else could understand me.

However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and ... There is always a broken one for a stripper !